I have set up my own PC as a build machine that runs regression tests automatically at night and then emails me the test result upon completion so that I can check it when I get in the morning.

The mechanism I use to do is:

  • Windows Task Sceduler to run the test automatically at certain time


  • Bat script to run the tests, generate Specflow report, and email the report. Note that I have included %date% and %time% variables to automatically include the date and time in the email subject

“C:Program Files (x86)NUnit 2.6.2binnunit-console.exe” /labels /out=TestResult.txt /xml=TestResult.xml C:gitPmasterbinDebugTestsRegressionRegression.dll
“C:Program Files (x86)TechTalkSpecFlowspecflow.exe” nunitexecutionreport C:gitPmasterTestsRegressionRegressionRegression.csproj /out:TestResult.html
“c:blat” c:gitPmasterTestsRegressionTestResult.html -s “TestResult at %time% on %date%” -to chuanl@pageuppeople.com


  • Blat

As you can see in the Bat script, I have used a 3rd party open source tool Blat to send email. This blog gives comprehensive information on how to set up Blat.