1. Create a bat file with the following code to kick off a test suite named “Regression” using NUnit:

nunit-console  Regression.dll

2. Add in the following code to use SpecFlow to generate the output in HTML format

specflow.exe nunitexecutionreport Regression.csproj /out:TestResult.html

3. Add the bat file to run as part of the Task Scheduler (Windows 7)

Go to Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Task Scheduler

4. At the right side, under Actions click on Create Task

5. Under General tab, give a name for the task and select options such as “Run only when user is logged on”

6. Under Triggers tab, click on New, and select the schedule you want the task to run. For example, Daily at 7am.

7. Under Actions, click on New and browse for the bat file