There is a bug in the Chrome Driver where you will get a Disable Developer Mode Extensions pop up occasionally in your test.
I still cannot work out why we started to get this problem as we have not upgraded the version of the Chrome driver.
The even more odd thing is that I found out that the pop up appears on bigger pages with lots of data and by cleaning up the data is able to temporarily get rid of the pop up.
However, the proper solution is to have the following line in your code:

options.AddArguments(“chrome.switches”, “–disable-extensions”)

So, the final code looks like this:
    var options = new ChromeOptions();
    options.AddArguments(“chrome.switches”, “–disable-extensions”);
    var driver = new ChromeDriver(_CHROME_DRIVER_PATH, options);
However, you might get this message on the browser while you run your tests:
But don’t panic, because everything will work perfectly without the pop up message!