For the past few years there have been a lot of demand for automated testers. Companies are replacing manual regression test checklists with automated scripts, especially the ones written with Open Source tools such as Selenium.

However, I started to see job advertisements with graduate automation testers and developers with knowledge of testing tools.
Therefore, as time goes, software testing job or even automated testing job might be fading away as well, just like manual testers today.
So where do I see the future for software testing? I will see software testing as part of software development. Software testers will be focusing on the impact of the changes to other areas of the systems or edge cases finding. They will find them and fix them as well. They will also be focusing on performance and security aspects. They will also step in as a business analyst, product owner, or even iteration manager when needed.
Basically, what I see the future of software testing is to be a multi-skilled member of a software development team. I urge software testers to start improve their technical, communication, and business skills. Performance testing and security testing knowledge will also be considered as a basic skill of software tester instead of a specialist’s skill.
In this modern day, especially in IT where everything is changing dramatically, changes in a process or role is unavoidable. Therefore, keep learning and keep improving!