Today is my last day at REA. Let me post my goodbye email as this last post via REA’s laptop before returning it.

Will spend my last few hours here saying goodbye to everyone and looking forward to a fresh start at Page Up People on Monday! 🙂

Joining REA on the 12th of December 2005 as the sole junior tester, I have been through a lot with REA along the 5 years 7 months plus of journey.
From the launch of RCA1.0 to RCA2.0, launch of PFC to the closure of PFC, Blue Screen to ACCPAC, multiple manual regressions a day to Selenium automated tests,
Waterfall to Agile, Windows desktops to Mac laptops, etc.

REA has given me a lot of opportunities to learn and grow both professionally and personally.
I have also met a lot of great friends and colleagues which have made working at REA really comfortable and enjoyable.
Coming to work every morning is just like leaving home to another home.

However, it’s probably time to get out of the comfort zone to explore and try something new in life (a sign of having late 20s crisis??? lol).
Ok, this is my last joke here, again I would like to thank REA and everyone here, from the past to current, for making my time at REA so fruitful.

Goodbye (for now) and thanks again. 🙂

Feel free to keep in touch with me at LinkedIn –
or personal email –

We shall meet again,


p/s: Some classic quotes for me from some sweet people:

(1) Adam Hope – It’s probably good to move before you become part of REA’s furniture

(2) Manisha – There will be many kiwi fruits left in the kitchen

(3) Ado – Yeah! No one will fight for passion fruits with me