Cantor Casino


Cantor casino was my first, last, and also only internet casino project, which is also the route that took me into REA.


So how does internet casino differs from poker machines?


We look at internet casino from the following aspects:




This includes game rules and artwork. The main difference from poker machine is that instead of making sure the game state remains correct during poker machine/user interruption, we do it via the lost of internet connection, power failure of computer, etc. Payment method is via online gateway instead of notes and coins.


The most important aspect of a gaming software is to protect the player. For eg the wins and remaining credits are correct.


Artwork & mathematical evaluation (it is also run by random number generators)


Mathematical evaluation is a complex process which needs to be done with some in-house tool.




Again, all gaming software is needs to be fully approved and regulation by government. I forgot to mention in my previous blog about the Percentage Of Return To User. Basically all games have a certain Percentage Of Return To User which is set by the government that needs to be met. This is verified during the mathematical evaluation.


Browser compatibility – as with any other web application, browser compatibility is one of the key issue


System Integration


System integration with the host is the most exciting bit (besides the fact that it flew me to London).


During the system integration phase, load and performance testing was performed besides the areas mentioned above


The site might not be accessible from every country, therefore, we need to verify this as well.



Process verification


The Customer Service manual and process was also questioned and verified during the system integration phase.


Basically, we interviewed the CCC team with various situations and verify their process. For eg, what steps are taken to verify that the player registered is above 18 years old.


The key thing to remember here is to always blame the “process” but not the “people”… 😉