In your consumer test class, instead of calling the “subject.methodToTest()”,

For example:

describe MethodToTest{

before do

        AppleServiceClient.base_uri ‘localhost:1234’


  subject { }

  describe “get_an_apple” do

    before do

        apple_service.given(“an apple exists”).

        upon_receiving(“a request for an apple”).

        with(method: :get, path: ‘/apple’, query: ”).


          status: 200,

          headers: {‘Content-Type’ => ‘application/json’},

          body: {name: ‘Red Apple’} )


    it “returns a an apple” do

      expect(subject.get_apple).to eq(‘Red Apple’))




We could change our app to point to the mock localhost.

For example, in Ruby on Rails, we could change config->environments->environment.rb for the url for AppleServiceclient to point to the mock service at http://localhost:1234. Or better way is to create a new environment config for the Pact test.

# AppleServiceAPI
config.appleServiceApi_url = “http://localhost:1234”

Therefore, the new code in the assertion section will look something like:

  it “returns an apple” do

      expect(GetApple.get_apple).to eq(‘Red Apple’))


where GetApple is the function in the application that makes the actual call to the AppleServiceClient.