SonarQube is used as an integration with Jenkins to enable code quality analysis.

Installation is pretty straightforward as discussed in the official documentation. In this blog, I would like to share  some “hipccups” that I encountered during server upgrade scenario.

  1. Setup PostgreSQL server

This blog has pretty comprehensive notes on this

2. Backup the existing database using pg_dump (as Postgres user)

pg_dump sonardb>sonar_bck.sql

5. Start Sonar server on the empty database (this will not be the actual database that we will use)

$SONAR_HOME/bin/ console

4. Copy over the SQL dump from old database to new database

psql -h -d sonar -U postgres -f “sonar_bck.sql”

3. Point Sonar to the newly created database that was populated with data by modifying the config


6. Delete /opt/sonar/data/main/es to clear Elastic Search indexes if “issues” are not showing up on Sonar

7. Restart Sonar