JMeter is a performance testing tool which I used recently for testing a new data centre. Apache JMeter provides a good guide on how to install and build a simple web test plan.

To performance test the new data centre, I created a simple test plan as below:

  • Go to the website
  • Login into the website
  • Perform some actions within the website
Therefore, I am trying measure the time it takes for a workflow instead of hitting a web page. To do this, I need to use JMeter Proxy. Basically, it is a browser recording function which translates into JMeter test plans automatically.
There is another popular option that does similar function, called Bad Boy Bad Boy. However, Bad Boy does not work for website with JavaScript functions which I need.
The JMeter Proxy guideline is quite comprehensive apart from the following points which need to be taken extra measure:
  • You need to include and exclude the file pattern of your test target. For e.g., in my case the files are of type “.asp” and “.aspx”
  • The test plans are created underneath the Recording Controller which needs to be expanded as you record the browser actions