1. Download and install the following files:




Selenium webdriver for C#.zip


2. Open up Visual Stdio 2010 and using NuGet, add reference for SpecFlow and NUnit.

3. To add reference for Selenium, you will need to right click->Add Reference-> browse to the Selenium folder and add all DLL files.

4. Include the following configuration for SpecFlow into App.config under the SpecFlow tag

unitTestProvider name=”NUnit”

5. Resharper is needed for integration of NUnit and Ms Visual Studio.

* Resharper 6 has problem integrating with Gallio (MbUnit) test

5. Right click on the project name->Add->New Item, you will see SpecFlow feature file

6. Use Class Library to create a normal Selenium project

7. To get Selenium working in IE, add the code below:

using OpenQA.Selenium.IE; (in library)

IWebDriver driver = new InternetExplorerDriver();

* Window switching does not work properly on IE8

* Have to set Tools->Internet Options->Security->Protected Mode to be the same for all zone for IE7 or higher on Windows Vista or Windows 7