REA started adapting Agile SDLC in April 2009 by hiring ThoughtWorks as coaches.
It was a 360 degree transformation for the entire IT department.
How QA Involve in Agile SDLC
  • User story planning
QA is involved in the very early phase of development which is the user story planning phase. Here, testing of business requirements is done.
  • Estimation
QA is involved in the estimation of effort of each story card. The estimation has to be from development of story to the stage where it passed BAT
  • Acceptance test
Acceptance test is written using Cucumber based on requirements. The Cucumber features serve as the documentation for the system. Here, all the basic requirements and the edge cases are defined.
  • Development to QA hand over
Unit tests are inspected to ensure detailed cases like boundary values are covered
  • QA
Exploratory testing are performed as well as making sure that acceptance tests above passes. More tests are added if required.
  • Business Acceptance Testing
Walkthrough is performed with the product owners to ensure that the product meets their requirement
  • QA involvement in the early development stage will ensure bugs are found as early as possible
  • Detailed acceptance test for each user story will ensure comprehensive tests are covered
  • More timely delivered project
  • Better quality
  • Involvement in writing automated tests and inspecting low level unit tests