Example below shows how to use the sshUserPrivateKey of a server to do Git clone in Jenkinsfile:


stage(‘checkout code’){

//Private key for server is stored in Jenkins with id ‘private_key_for_server’ and can be accessible via variable ‘private_key’

withCredentials([sshUserPrivateKey(credentialsId: ‘private_key_for _server’, keyFileVariable: ‘private_key’, passphraseVariable: ”, usernameVariable: ”)]){

// start ssh-agent
sh ‘ssh-agent /bin/bash’

// add private key to ssh-agent, check if private key is successfully added and git clone using the private key

sh ‘eval $(ssh-agent) && ssh-add ${private_key} && ssh-add -l && git clone git@git.test.com:test.git’