My last blog stops during December 2014, after the MeetUp @ Carsales. I mentioned that I try to blog once a month, but I have not been able to do that this year.
2015 is a beginning of a great year. I resigned from my position at PageUp at the end of January 2015. Then I was away for holiday during the entire month of February. In Chinese sayings, “taking a break is to get prepared for a longer journey”. I had quite a bit of adventures during the break, including my first roller coaster ride @ Legoland Malaysia.


At one point, I reached to a point where I wonder where I want to be in terms of career, continue in the technical path or more towards leadership. I guess job satisfaction and self happiness matters the most to me. I have always been passionate to learn about the latest technology and best testing practices. Learning, learning, and keep learning is what that could drive me forward. And I love hands on job!
Therefore, I have decided to choose the technical path. I commenced my new role as Senior Automation Test Engineer at UniSuper right after my break in Malaysia.
My Testing Resolutions for 2015 are:
  • Do as much hands on job as possible!
  • Do better in every thing that I have already  knew (not just learning new stuff). For e.g. use more CSS selectors compared to XPath as it is faster. 🙂
  • Meet more and learn more from knowledgeable peers and colleagues
  • Continue learning…and learning……!
  • More balanced work & life……more exercise and charity work 🙂
I have also been doing testing for over 11 years. Throughout the journey, I considered myself as the lucky girl as I have met many good and helpful bosses and colleagues since my first job. I am thankful to them in many ways.
  • Kalai Murugiah, my direct manager from BMM who has given me lots of learning opportunity. Anna Fernando, the general manager who has made the 21 year old girl feel confident and comfortable at her first job.
  • Malcolm Webster, my manager at REA who has been a great leader helping me grow in many aspects
  • Lots of great colleagues and peers whom I keep in touch till today…….where we share our ups and downs of work and also support during tough times (Andri).
I had a great journey….2014 marked the end of an era, and 2015 is the beginning of the next! 🙂