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This is the video that I am currently watching…FitNesse….this is the most recent open source test framework that I come across with.

Not to mention the name, I met a Research & Development manager from a very well known mobile phone manufacturer during the STAR EAST conference, and he mentioned it to me.

Blogs And Books

Gonna interrupt here a bit from the history to the current blogs and book that I am reading:


1. James Bach’s blog –

Very interesting concepts about software testing

2. Agile testing –

A very technical blog about agile testing

3. Sticky Minds –

Naomi Karten’s blogs that talks about personal development. This blog has nothing technical, it is more about people and interpersonal skills.


How to Break Software: A Practical Guide to Testing, James Whittaker, 2002

I have asked REA to buy me the following books from Amazon which have not arrived:

1. A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design, Lee Copeland, 2003

2. The Art of Software Testing, 2nd edition, Glenford Myers, et. el., 2004

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